Rather Do

What do you daydream about while you are at work? “I’d rather be ______ right now.”

I’ve been getting that feeling a lot lately since spending my off-the-clock time learning and creating. It’s like a bubbling heat in my stomach. A ball of anxious energy buzzing inside. It’s itching to escape. Maybe it’s an undiagnosed anxiety disorder? But it’s not a negative anxiousness. Maybe it’s passion? That word is so overused. What do you call it?

The hardest part has been silencing the voices in my head that say, “Don’t even bother–you suck.” Where did those voices come from? That’s not me. I want to create and share with the world, who is telling me not to do it? It’s not me, that’s for sure.

Just quiet your mind and get busy.

We live in an unprecedented time in history where we can share our experiences, feelings, art, music, or whatever to an enormous amount of people with a little technical knowledge and the click of a button. It’s exciting. Maybe excited is the right word?

Well, I’m pretty freaking excited then.

Go DO something. Please. You will be glad you did, and it might change your life.

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