Now Go

A common theme I’ve observed in my process of working toward goals is that I’m the biggest obstacle in the way of achieving or accomplishing whatever it is I had first wanted to do. I get snagged up when I start to think too much. Often I think about what other people think about me.

I get caught so far up in thinking and overthinking and rethinking, then there’s fear, then I give up, and I never do anything. I’ve heard this from far too many people now to ignore it so I’ll reiterate. It’s all about mindset. It all starts in my head and if I never get out of my head I never do anything.

Gary Vaynerchuk sums up the biggest thing I’ve learned in the past month. This sentence perfectly translates the “why” behind my lack of doing.

I care more about other people’s opinions of me and my life than the opinion I have of myself and my life.


I want to go on now and get out of my own head and out of my own way. Negative voices are NOT ME. I’m NOT a negative person, I’ve just been listening to these negative voices. Cheesy as it may be, positivity is powerful. Belief is the fuel for action. So I’m going to believe and get busy.

Doing things is hard. Thinking is not really hard. It requires no physical effort but it drains me mentally and tricks me into thinking I’ve been doing something because I get tired. I’m going to stop overthinking. I need to think enough to the point where I have a plan, stop thinking, and just do.

Freaking Nike got at least one thing right: Just do it.

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