Inktober 2018

I’m participating in Inktober 2018 and I’m stoked! I have always watched from the sidelines and admired the spooky and cute illustrations people have posted on IG. This year I’m DOIN’ IT!

It’s a big step to be posting my art on my personal account. When I decided to go all in with this, I stopped posting to my art account that I started from nothing. I was too embarrassed to post to my personal account because of what the people I know, love and admire might think.

Things change when you stop factoring other people’s opinion into the actions that you take. Part of this is trusting myself which I have never felt confident doing.  I’m fully believing that if I pursue what I love and know I have the capability of excelling at it, everything will come together. I just have to keep the focus.

When you step out and do things that make you uncomfortable, amazing things WILL happen.

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