Cross Hatching

Now that I have been experimenting and trying new art techniques, I remember that a lot of my most favorite drawings were ones that had been done in pen. I really enjoyed doing one-line drawings of people (where you don’t pick the pen up off the page until you’re done). There was a tiny portrait I had done of my husband on a napkin with a ballpoint pen one time when I was watching him cook in the kitchen. It seemed to capture his image so well. I was pleased and I loved that feeling. A lot of my favorite drawings are ones that took me by surprise because I wasn’t thinking too hard about it. I recognize this so much because I tend to overthink most things–including art.

I recently began a Patreon subscription with Bryan Schiavone (IG: @bryanthegirl) She is really inspirational to me not only because of how much I love her work, but because I feel I can relate to her in a way. I just like her a lot! So she has provided some lessons on cross hatching through her Patreon page and I am LOVING it. I just completed the first lesson on cross hatching with ceramics. Next is hands! EEK. Hands can be a bit intimidating but they are great practice.

I feel so happy being back in the pursuit of creating art, although it still tastes bittersweet because I find myself wishing I would have stuck with it or returned back to it sooner. I’m working on not dwelling on that and focusing on doing something every day no matter how small.

I hope you, whoever you are, are in pursuit of something that brings you joy. Whatever it may be. If you aren’t, I think it would be something worth considering. If it feels too overwhelming, starting small has really helped me along with not judging myself or caring about other people’s opinions. It’s hard.  But I’m finding that when I’m feeling scared or intimated or even slightly hopeless, if I just take that first step out (the hardest step), that creates enough momentum for me to continue.

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