Persistent Consistence

I’m pleasantly surprised with the results I’m seeing in being persistently consistent. I’m picking up a pencil as close to every day as I possibly can–if only for one minute. My problem is putting the pencil down–ha!

I’ve struggled with being consistent for as long as I have understood what that word meant. Easily sidetracked, laziness or simply being uninterested. It feels different this time. I seem to only be thinking of getting back into my sketchbook as soon as I can.

With this new found excitement, I’m trying to find a balance for all the things in my life. My number one priority still needs to be my family and this has been a struggle. I want to get my paid work done, mother my children well, be a present wife, keep up on the household responsibilities, practice art, and take care of myself. I’m trying to find a groove and I’m optimistic that I will. I’m doing my best and trying to make sure none of these things are falling by the wayside, although something inevitably seems to. With that said, my main concern is that I’m at home during the day with my children and I want to be a good, patient, present mother.

Is this a possible balance? I’m not sure but I’m willing to give it a shot!

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