A Diary

I saw a meme the other day that said something like:

“People used to keep a diary and got mad if anyone would read it. Now people write a dairy on the internet and get mad if no one reads it.”

It made me laugh and it’s quite accurate.

I had a diary or two when I was young that had actual locks on the front with a set of keys. I would hide the keys away and hope my family would never find it to unlock the messy doodles and silly thoughts I scribbled down. Compare that with the day and age of blogs and vlogs and it’s pretty funny. I wish I still had those. As sentimental as I can be, I don’t have a hard time throwing things away but I then do miss them once I think back and wish I would have kept certain things. Although in moving across the state as a young girl, I’m sure a lot of my most cherished childhood possessions were at the mercy of my parents as to whether they came with us on the move.

I would see this site now as a diary of sorts but I’m not going to be mad if no one reads it. I initially started this site to share my artwork but in experimenting and posting here and to various other platforms, this site for me now is working best as a place for my thoughts to be poured out. Instagram is best suited to share visually which is also connected to my Facebook page. I hope to one day be a resource for others pursuing their artistic dreams, but I don’t feel I can provide much educational value until I have had experience doing that more myself. I think eventually this site will be or contain my portfolio!

I had forgotten how much I like to write and how much it calms my mind. However, I find writing by hand tedious, tiresome, and inefficient. My mind moves so quickly I can’t keep up with the pace by hand. (I blame chat rooms and instant messenger.) So, I’ve not been able to successfully keep a diary since I was a small girl before personal computers even existed! (I have this weird pride of existing before PCs and the internet haha.)

Regularly writing here has been extremely therapeutic and rather of my own self-interest. However, I hope in sharing that it would allow others a peek into my brain if they’re curious, a place to share ideas, and maybe even a way to work through different struggles professionally or personally.

I welcome any and all comments and thoughts. I love discussion but in my current stage of motherly life I don’t get much adult interaction and I hope I can spark some conversation and maybe make some interweb friends. Don’t be shy! ❤

Photo by Shirley Tittermary on Unsplash

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